Preview: State of Decay

By Scott Morriss on .

In a world saturated in "zombie games" State of decay is what zombie games should be. In State of Decay you don't kill zombies, you try to survive them. Most games will have zombies in there with the point to either kill them for the fun of killing them, or killing them because they are in your path. They are simply another enemy to contend with.

Sound Shapes update adds cars, Community Milkcrate, and offline play

By Kris Nguyen on .

Queasy Games' musically inspired platform game Sound Shapes has always emphasized user generated content by its dedicated community. Now, the latest downloadable content for the game turns the platformer into a trials game "by accident," says developer Mark Rabo. With the Car Mini-Album & Creator Pack players will be able to "Speed, flip, loop, and jump" their way through levels in a new motorcycle-like vehicle. Also in the pack are new campaign levels, a full sound pack, new level editor options, Beat School lessons, and trophies.

The Story of Gaikai: A Journey Into the Cloud

The Story of Gaikai: A Journey Into the Cloud

By Jacob Rollin on .

By now, most gamers know what Gaikai is and what their future may bring to the gaming world, yet many weren't aware of the company until recently. Gaikai is relatively unheard of, but far from new.

Final Stage Episode 5

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This week on Final Stage, the guys talk Xi3 Piston news, Mass Effect 3 Citadel Review, and more!

Final Stage Episode 4

By Final Stage on .

This week on Final Stage, the guys talk Assassin's Creed IV, Vergil's Downfall, Steambox, and more!

Final Stage Episode 2: PS4 Conference Fun

By Final Stage on .

In this second week's episode of Final Stage Paul, Jackson, and Trent discuss the PlayStation 4 announcement and games, some upcoming DLC, Bioshock Infinite, Destiny, and more.

Final Stage Episode 1: Maiden Voyage

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A Gaming Podcast where we talk about news, reviews, upcoming games, and give our opinions on the Industry. Fun times guaranteed or your money back.

Hitting the Links

By Brawl in the Family on .

So a new Mario Golf game has been announced (as well as a great-looking new entry in the Mario & Luigi subseries)!